It has now been nearly ten weeks since my campaign kicked off, and without any substantial update on how I'm going, you have been growing restless and demanding answers. You've been writing in, all of you, the tens maybe even dozens of you. Fear not. Here I am, here it is.

So what HAVE I been up to you ask? Well, throughout March and April I've had a bunch of mates in town for a solid little training block. These mates, it turns out, are fairly good windsurfers so that's a bonus: Kiran Badloe (NED) was recently third at the World Championships, Sebastian Fleischer 12th at the Olympics and Michael Chung eighth. Not bad eh? If you're keen to see some footage of our training sessions then head to the Video page.

"It's just like riding a bicycle" is not an accurate axiom to describe my reintroduction to full-time training. Given the volume of sailing we launched into, I dispensed with all my cross-training and focused on trying to keep up with the guys on the water. It was a productive block and I was pleased find moments of speed and good feeling. On the other hand, working on my strength and fitness is definitely a priority. In any case it certainly was a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to spending more time with the guys throughout the rest of the year. The three of them have now gone off to France for the European Championship.

Over Easter weekend Takapuna Boating Club hosted the 2017 NZ RS:X Nationals. This included a slew of other windsurfing classes as well including Techno, Kona and Raceboard. It's was nice to see a bunch of youth sailors coming through which also made the starts a little more interesting than they have been in New Zealand for a while. We raced nine races over the three days in light to moderate, shifty offshore conditions. I wasn't quite able to stay in touch with the top Raceboards in the lighter conditions and so finished second overall in that division, but still managed to claim the NZ RS:X title, with fellow Kiwi Alex Hart there push me from time to time.

The plan from here? I leave for Holland in three weeks time for the Delta Llyod Regatta. the idea is to get a few warm-up regattas under my belt before the Worlds in September. From there we have a few training blocks in Holland and Denmark before heading to Japan for some recon. 

That's probably enough for now. Stay up to date by checking the Tweets, the Gram and the videos mentioned above – it's all on the News page!